FAQ about Supporting a Missionary

So why are you asking for money?
All missionaries working with World Gospel Mission (and many, many other mission agencies) are "faith-based", meaning our living expenses are not paid by one church or by the organization. And, believe me, that takes a lot of faith!
WGM missionaries raise their own support--we seek out partners in the Christian community who want to be a part of God's work where we live and serve by contributing to my expenses.

How will you use this money?
We need both one-time gifts and people who are willing to work with us on a monthly basis. Just like you, missionaries have large, one-time expenses when we move (airfare, the initial cost of setting up a home, purchasing visas that allow us to work in the country) as well as ongoing, monthly needs (groceries, insurance, transportation within the country). 

But you are teaching at a school--doesn't the school pay you?
The kids I teach in Kenya are missionary kids--meaning their parents are raising their own support, as well. Each family does pay a fee to the school to cover the cost of running it on a daily basis, but that does not include my salary--and many of the families will be some of my financial partners. But they cannot be the only ones.

How does it work, exactly?
If you are interested in supporting the ministry of Tenwek Hospital in Kenya by helping provide education for the missionary kids there, you can make a tax-deductible donation to World Gospel Mission (designated for Lisette Lewis, account #125-15732). Once I have 90% of my projected budget raised, I will be "released"--I will purchase my plane ticket and head for Kenya! Then, I will get a monthly salary from WGM from my account.

Is it easy to support you financially? 
Yes! You can follow this link, which takes you to WGM's website. You can also send donations to: 
World Gospel Mission 
PO Box 948, Marion, IN 46952-0948
(Designate it for Lisette Lewis, account #125-15732)

This sounds interesting, but I am not sure. I still have questions.
I'd love to talk to you about my ministry! Email me with any questions. I love to talk about Kenya--in fact, I am looking for churches, Bible studies, Sunday School classes, home school groups, small groups--any group!-- where I can share more about the ways God is working in Kenya.

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